Friday, June 21, 2013

Freedom School Partners (FSP)2013

If you would have asked me last year what I was doing this year I would have told you I would have been in China, for about a month by now. I had every intention of cuddling and cooing with precious orphans in Xi'an at a foster home that I love dearly. I would have been loving on them and helping change an endless amount of clothes and diapers. I love my China babies so much and I had every intention of visiting them again this summer and meeting the little ones who had arrived since I had last been. China and the children of China hold just about every inch of my heart. There are children world wide from the not so little town that hold a piece of my heart and really and truly love knows no boundaries with those kids. Obviously, China did not become a reality this year due to many reasons and at first I was totally crushed. I could not believe I was not going back, but then I begin to realize that even though I wasn't doing what I was planning on doing I was going to be doing what had been planned long before the love of China had been put in my heart. It was a shock to me that I was not going to China but not a shock to the Lord. He knew all along I was not going to be returning, but instead of just slamming the door in my face he gently closed it for this summer and reviled his plan. 

The start of Freedom school is just around the corner. I am so excited to meet my babies for the summer. Training is over and all the classrooms are ready for Monday morning when our kids walk through the door. Never in a million years would I have thought I would be back for another summer. As a second year I have all the excitement of a first year along with all the nerves as well. I am at a new site this year with kids I have never met, many returners are back at their old site with the same children again. I wish I was getting my babies from last year again, but FSP is no longer at my old site as a new program took its place. I miss my children from my first year so much and think of them often but I cannot wait to meet my new little ones. Big plans are in store for this summer, I already know it. 

My classroom was finished Thursday before lunch so after lunch and today I just reorganized and made sure everything was perfect for Monday morning. I am in love with my theme this year "Under the Sea", which I guess is a good thing since I am stuck with it for six weeks. Each of my kids has a sand bucket on the door with their name so they can collect as much love of learning and reading as they would like. Even though I am the farther thing from a morning person I have a feeling I will be up bright and early and super excited to get the day started. Below is my door for this year. It is not the finished product as a changed it a little after this was taken but you get the idea. 

I also have the world's BEST team this year!! We all get along so great and there are endless amounts of laughs to be had. The amount of energy and love between our staff is too much. We are all in it for the scholars and want them to succeed every expectation that will ever be set for them. I do not think I could have hand picked a better group of people to work with. I love them all so much already! (One member is missing from this picture as she could not go to national training. We still love you Erica!)

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