Day Without Technology

My day without or with limited technology was an interesting one to say the least. I hoped to go without technology for the whole day, but when you try to cut it out, you realize just how much you really rely on it. For instance my cell phone alarm wakes me up every morning so I do not miss class. My coffee maker and coffee makes sure I am really awake before class. My appcard is my lifeline at school without it I cannot get into my building or eat on campus. The hot water heater makes sure I do not have to take a cold shower. There are probably many more examples but those are just a few. 
No Coffee :(

Exceptions I made during my day:
Being an on college student I could not cut out all forms of technology that I use on a daily basis. My appcard and alarm clock were still used.


Emotionally it was hard to give up my cell phone, music, Facebook, texting, email, pinterest, and all those other things that I love to do. I really just wanted to text my friends and ask what we were doing for dinner, what time we were meeting tomorrow, or just to talk to them in general. I will not lie I was sad and upset that I couldn't use my phone for the day or just goof off on Facebook and stalk people. Pinterest is my daily addiction as well. I love it and could be on it for hours at a time just looking at whatever. 

During this experience I realized just how "addicted" I am to technology. I missed Facebook, Pinterest, Skype, texting, snapchat, and all the things that I waste time doing. I noticed how hard it was to just sit down an listen to the silence of the world. No computer or LCD screen in from of my eyes and no music playing in my ears. I did get a fairly good idea of what the world would have been like without all the things I love and granted had I never been raised or exposed to the technology I use then I wouldn't miss it but giving it up for the day was a challenge.

My day without technology was a challenge to say the least. I did it during a weekday so class to an extent kept me busy and away from Facebook and my computer. But, not being able to text it class to help pass time while listening to something I would rather not proved to be not so fun. There were many times that I reached for my phone only to have to stop myself because I knew it was not there. When I was not in class I tried to avoid my room knowing that if I went back I would odds are fail at my day without technology and spent a good bit of the day in the library on the fourth floor. I also slept quite a bit and read for a paper that I had to write the next day. To end my day I spent time with some friends and they cooked me a lovely dinner. 

What I have learned about technology through this experience is that it is everywhere! My appcard which is a piece of plastic is technology because of the bar-code on the back that lets me eat and into my building. That also applies to my debit card. There is really no escaping it. The lights in my room, hot water, tooth paste, makeup, everything, is some form of technology. Our lives are surrounded by technology, which is crazy to think about, but so true.

Through this experience I learned that technology is an important part of our lives. It is what wakes us up, makes sure we have warm water, clean clothes, make coffee to keep us happy and awake throughout the day. It is how we keep in contact with family and friends who don't live close by. Technology reminds us of important dates, meetings, and things we just generally need to remember such as when to take our medication, when our book is due etc.

I did enjoy this experience for the most part, as I accomplished a lot of work during the day. There were so many less distractions to keep me from being productive. It also allowed me a chance to just unplug from this technology on the go type of world. 

This connects to my educational life because occasionally we just need a break from technology and a time for ourselves. We need to step back and open that book and read for our class or talk to a friend in person and enjoy a meal together or just enjoy the outdoor and a good view!

This activity connects to my future as a teacher because there will be extended periods throughout every day that I will have to go without some form of technology. Whether it be my phone, Facebook, or what ever I will not be able to use it when I am teaching.


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