Monday, January 30, 2012

Computer Update

Well it appears my computer has more then a virus. Well to be exact it isn't a virus at all no one really knows what is wrong with it. But thank goodness for the lab in the building I live in it is much more bearable then having to walk across campus to the library for a computer. I am hoping it will get fixed soon but in the meantime my post will still be few and far between so continue to bear with me. Tomorrow is another snowboarding day and I am quite excited about that.
Now onto more news in my life I have been invited to interview for an RA positing for the building I currently live in for next year. I am really hoping to get that as it would be a huge blessing. I have received the internship that I applied for at the end of last year with freedom school partners. I am stoked to be working with them this summer helping children improve their reading and writing skills. Other then this not much has been going on lately I am still so glad that I do not have Friday classes that has been a massive blessing just to be able to relax and have a catch up day!

Friday, January 27, 2012


For the next few days I will be MIA! My computer has a virus and is at tech support getting fixed so bear with me as it is fixed and hopefully restored to normal!!


So two days ago was Kelsi's birthday and we all had cupcakes to celebrate with and needless to say I no longer enjoy cupcakes with PINK icing. It ended up on my face and hands along with all over Kelsi! It was great fun but cleaning it up not so much. I was pink for a few hours but now my skin is back to normal thank goodness since I have a dinner to the next night! I have to say though pink is our color. If it didn't wash off I was going to go for it was a flesh eating skin disorder!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for a great roommate and awesome friends that I love!

I love you guys thanks for making my day just about everyday and keeping me laughing!! So blessed to have met you and no this isn't everyone that I love so sorry for those not included. Kaitlyn I love listening to your boy stories I just don't have a picture of you yet!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Well the good news I survived my first snowboarding class. Thank goodness! It was a ton of fun and not quite as hard as I thought it would be. I didn't fall as much as I expect but I still did fall a lot!

The class starts about about 6 pm with your assigned instructor. Thankfully I am with 3 other people that I know (Charlotte my suitemate, Lauren a friend and Miles the guy who is driving us) they let us stay together wen assigning instructors!! The class started out with are you regular or goofy. Well of course I would be one of those goofy's, then we learned how to walk with one foot hooked onto the board and glide. Finally came the fun of actually going down the slight incline. I had the hang of it until it came to stepping off I fell every time. I was  told however that I am a graceful faller and just float down so that was kind of funny.

After we were done with the instructor at about 7:30 ish or so Lauren and I went in to change out her boots and take a short rest before all 4 of us went out on our own. We started with the magic carpet and the easy slope one step above the bunny we were on so that was an improvement on my scale. We all did pretty good and most and each only fell when trying to avoid another person who had fallen or when it came to stopping or turning. I did learn how to get back up with two feet in during this time so that was very nice cause I no longer had to pop my back foot out to stand again cause getting your feet out of those things were a pain!

Somehow or another I was talked into getting on the ski lift and going do an intermediate slope... The ski lift was very interesting to get off. It is so easy to get on but when you have 3 people who don't all snowboard the same way getting off is a challenge. Needless to say Lauren, Charlotte and I were the reason the ski lift stopped that run we all fell on our behinds. Now going down that slope proved to be very difficult. Needless to say half way down I took a hard fall and if I hadn't of been on the slope I would have cried cause it hurt so bad I was done after that, I did manage to slide down on my board another 5 feet before falling again this time I didn't even want to  get up, my wrist and arms were hurting so bad from pushing my back up. I slid down on my butt for like 5-6 feet after that just so I could catch my breath and rest then I took my back foot out and tried to go down on one foot bad idea took another fall finally I just took my board off and let it  finish the 3 feet down, I got it at the bottom and I walked back to the girls and Miles and called it quits. I only quite like 45 mins before the slopes closed so 3 hours and 15 mins of snowboarding my first time not to bad in my books that and everything I attempted I call it a successful night!

It was over all a very good night and I am looking forward to the next class. I am in a ton of pain from all that falling my shoulders and arms kill but I am stoked to be doing this class!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jacob's "Gotcha Day"

January 21st doesn't hold special meaning for most people in this world at all. However, for my family it does! Jan. 21st 2010 was the day our family was complete through the blessing of adoption.

It was the day where 6 children 4 from the same orphanage were ushered into a small hallway in a Beijing hotel and handed over  to people they had never seen or even heard about. Six beautiful and wonderfully made children left everything they had known and were given the chance at a new life with parents and siblings that loved them more then anything know to man. Their faces were no longer just pictures we had stared at for almost 9  months but they were there and the children we had longed to meet. He legally became ours forever January 22nd at the Civil Affairs office in Beijing.

One very scared little boy who had no idea what was about to happen learned quickly how fast pictures were taken. He was overwhelmed by all the new sights and sounds. He had no idea we were coming until an hour before we met him. I will never forget watching him Miss. K, Miss. M and Mr. A walk through the revolving doors at our hotel oh if only I had taken the camera at that moment. It felt like years riding up on that elevator to the 7th floor where he legally became ours after my parents signed a few papers and all I could do was stare at him and he looked at me like I was some crazy white person.

China was a very hard time for us and the last two years he has pushed us and challenged us more then anything. But, I wouldn't change it for the world. I love the young man he is becoming and love watching him grow. He has changed so much from that naughty, active,  mischievous little boy we got in China he is now a loving caring big brother to the Princess and a wonderful little brother to me. Oh how I LOVE being the big sis to a little brother (hehe)!!!! 

I love you to the moon and back Jacob and I thank God that he chose me to be you big sister. I cannot wait to see the young man you will become and I love watching you grow and change each day. Happy family day little guy! Their is such a difference in the little boy we got back in 2010 and who he is today the pictures are proof!!

In case you were wondering this was taken right before we got Jacob
 it just shows how excited I was to get a little brother!

First picture with Jacob! (He was very scared on that day!)
He has told us since that before that day he didn't know
how to smile now he smiles all the time cause he is happy!!!

Halloween 2011

Late last year at dinner in TN

He really does love kisses!!

Beach 2011 Watching a movie with the
Princess just cause she wanted to

Christmas 2011 he was so happy!!

We also celebrate this day with four other families and we are forever woven by it! Happy Family day to the Rice Family, Glass Family, Perry and Yingling families as well. I have loved watching your children grow these last two years and cannot wait to see what is in store for them in the future. Can't wait to see you all again soon love you guys very much!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First Day of Classes 2nd semester!

Well to say the least I am EXHAUSTED and it wasn't even a normal Tuesday. I have 5 yes 5 classes on a normal Tuesday and I might just die! I have class from 9:30 until 10 pm with a break from 12:15 until 2 for lunch and a nap since snowboarding starts next Tuesday and it is my late class.

Overall I couldn't have asked for a better day though it was just long won't lie. I have a feeling it is going to be a wonderful semester! My Sociology professor seems to be a hoot! I have the same Watauga teacher and Economics might be a wee bit boring but I have it with two close friends so it shouldn't be too bad!

I am really looking forward to tomorrow however only one class and it doesn't start until 3:30ish so I am sleeping in. Then only one more day left in the week and I am done so glad I do not have Friday classes!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Nothing New...

Well I know its been a few days but nothing has really been going on around here! We head back to ASU Friday night which will be interesting to say the least! I miss Boone and all my friends up there classes not so much. I am looking forward to this semester and have high hopes for it!

Friday I had an interview for an internship that works with inner-city children helping them with their reading and writing skills. I am hoping to hear good news about that in a few weeks.

I have worked a day or two here and there at Dai Queen aka the Drama Queen. Place hasnt changed since I left in June last year. Can't say I have missed that place much but it is nice being able to work a few days and make some money.

This past weekend was mainly just relaxing watched a few movies. Fireproof is by far one of the best movies I have ever seen!! Loved every second of that movie! Cannot wait for Courageous to come out on DVD!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years

Yeah I know it's a little late but at least I got to better late then never I guess. My New Years Eve and Day were amazing! Quality time spent with family. We went up to the lake Saturday morning and spent a good bit of the day at my Maw Maws with Jeff's sister (My Aunt Leslie) and her kids. It is always quite fun when we are all together. Me and Claire brought in the New Year Watching Despicable Me, quite a good movie if I must say. We also watched Hangover two later in the day and that movies continues to crack me up.

I didn't take any pictures sorry... It was a relaxing weekend to say the least not much other to post but be sure to keep checking back often for updates I am going to try to post more often this year we will see how it goes so far so good.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Awesome Amazing Roommate!!!

So as many know I am rooming with only the most amazing person ever!! She is wonderful I absolutly love her! She is an International exchange student from Xi'an China. Literlly the Chinese version of me it's quite funny! But since most of my blog readers haven't met her I thought I would introduce you to Claire Chen. She is funny, amazing, smart, and all of the above! I love my roommate and could not have hand picked a better one. She keeps me and line and most importantly can handle all of my craziness which can be a little frustrationg to some!

New Years Post will come a day late sorry!! Tomorrow I will post about it Claire was more important!! I will add more to her post as well so youe can all meet the amazing person I love with!!

Taylor :)
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