Friday, February 24, 2012

Snowboarding Last Night

Well this past Tuesday was my last day of Snowboarding. It was bitter sweet but I have to say I wont miss the all the falling, wipeouts, and hurting muscles.

The last night was amazing we did a warm up run with Bo our instructor and then  started are final exam which was just going over everything we learned making sure we could do them. We had heel and toe side turns, traverses. and slides all which we did great and we all got A's on the exam.
After the exam it was a free ride until we wanted to leave. We started on the blue slope that was rather long then for the first time ever I did a black diamond and did not fall!! We snowboarded until they announced the park was closed and I only had one fall that kind of hurt a little bit.

I have had my fair share of falls in this class and have had more bruises then I can ever remember having, my tail bone has hurt like crazy, I have knocked the breath out of me more times then I can count but would I do it again YES!!! I have loved this class and it has really taught me I can do whatever when I set my mind to it. Now for what everyone is waiting for the pictures.

Charlotte shes so cool!

Lauren CLT and Miles

Dubald and Greenwood

Me and Miles

Lauren and Charlotte 

The girls!

Our Class Charlotte, Lauren, Miles and Me!

Me and Lauren on the lift

Charlotte going down the mountain 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

RA interviews

Since Wednesday I have been doing interviews for an RA position for next year. So far I have done 2 and have one more to go today. The first 2 have gone very well in my opinion. I am hoping to get one of the positions in the LLC which is where I currently live. They hold a separate interview process in which you interview with a staff member and student and then 2 current RA's. Wednesdays was fun with the two RA's and my would you rather questions. Yesterdays interview was with a person from university housing and another RA that is not in the LLC. My university housing person was the LLC coordinator which was ironic since you are not suppose to be interviewed by someone who knows you or lives within your building. It was much much more laid back with her then with 2 complete random people. The RA that was with her I have also met before so I think that one went great as well.

Today is my last interview and it is a group interview which I am hoping goes just as well and that this time two weeks I am offered a position somewhere on campus preferably a residence hall that has bathrooms in the rooms!

Friday, February 3, 2012

When you get knocked down just get back up...

Life occasionally thorws you thouse curve balls. You know the ones that just completely knock you down and keep knocking you down almost to the point that you just want to give up and stay down. Well if there is anything that I have learned it is that no matter how many times you are knocked down you just have to get back up and go again.

Personal experience Snowboarding... It is one of the hardest thing I have ever done sports wise. I normally can pick things up fairly easy no big deal. Snowboarding on the other hand is a pain sometimes. Just when you think you are getting the hang of it BAM you hit a bump and completely wipe out and falling hurts horribly. After you have wiped out and fallen on your butt about a 100 times you are literlly at the point where you just want to say I QUIT no more get me off this mountain. Well see there is the problem you are up on the top of the mountain with only one way down.... In order to get to the bottom you have to get on that board and just go for it. So you do and 10 feet later you fall you get up and go again and then fall and you repeat this many times until you are at the point you are laying on your back and you are physically tuired of trying your wrist hurt from pushing yourself back up. Your knees are buckling and you feel as if you have tore something in your leg. No problem right I mean how hard can it be thats where you are wrong... So many times I would have loved to have just kicked off my board and walked because I was just so tired of falling it that dumb snow/ice. I would lay on my back or stomach for what felt like forever and finally I would just get back up. But you know what every run it seemed to get a little bit easier to go down the mountain and before long the only time I was falling was when I went to stop and over estimated how much to life my board.

Ok now I say all of this to say that no matter how hard times get there will always be the easy route out where you can just give up and quit never loook back your done! But, in my book what doesn't kill you makes you a much stronger person. That and practice makes perfect. Life is always going to throw you a curve ball that at first seems like it is way to big to counquer by yourself. Well see now that is the best part you are never really by yourself, God is always there to pick you back up even when the going get tough!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Snowboarding Take 2

Tuesday's snowboarding class was much more fun to say the least. It was much easier to get the hang of things. At first it was a wee bit difficult just getting your snowboarding legs back.

Me, Lauren, Charlotte, and Miles had our hour of instruction time where we were officially taught how to snowboard with both feet in. It is so much easier when both feet are locked into the board then having one unlock and the other hanging free. After instruction we had free boarding which is my favorite simply because it tends to be a little more fun and more relaxed. I switched feet and have learned that I am much better at regular than goofy. I stopped falling after about 2 runs regular. I did tackle the intermediate slope that did me in the week before and well needless to say I went down on my back and bottom more then the board but it was much easier this week.

After the intermediate me and Lauren hung back and stayed on the easy slope just to get a better gripe of things and to learn how to stop without falling. That and I switched feet after the blue intermediate slope so I had to relearn how to do things the opposite way. Lauren and I each had our tumbles and HARD falls. Snowboarding uses those muscles you never knew you had really. We all had had enough by about 9:30 and packed it up to head back to campus after snowboarding I tend to sleep like a baby to say the least.

Thankfully this week I am not nearly as sore as last week. My ribs hurt really bad almost to the point if you hugged me I would probably cry. It hurts to laugh and those that know me know I love to laugh.
Me and Lauren on the Easy Hill after I switched feet!

Going up the magic carpet
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