Thursday, December 27, 2012

Family Ski Trip

This past weekend we took a rather random last minute ski trip. It snowed and we decided why not head to Boone and go skiing/snowboarding. The littles have never skied before so we put them in a class and it was great. It was not crowded at all this past weekend and it was great!

I decided  to be brave and snowboard instead of ski. We all should remember the class that I took last year 2nd semester. Thankfully I remembered just about everything and did okay considering I haven't snowboarded in almost a year. I only had one major fall when my boot because loose in my bindings. This was the first time I have ever used bindings. During the class I always had a step in. I loved being able to get back into it and it was so nice that I remembered how to do everything. 

The princess HATED skiing and she was the one who was SO excited about going skiing and being like her daddy. She dropped out halfway through the class... She complained the whole time probably about how cold she was or how much she didn't like skiing. When she would fall she would yell at her ski instructor "hello someone needs to pick me up!!" That child I swear!! Needless to say her instructors weren't upset she was a dropout. They seemed rather relieved that she left.

Jacob loved ski school and did very well. He graduated and was able to go out onto the slope with his dad. His instructors said that he was the best listener of the group. 

Other than the drop out the ski trip was a major success! We enjoyed the get away and change in scenery. 

Now on the the pictures of the littles ski class. I have a video as well and will try to get that up later and post a link here.Lily is in all pink and Jacob is in the all black with the red and green marked jacket.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Friends Date

You know how you have those few friends that what ever you do you cannot get rid of them nor do you want to.... Well I have two of those and I love them dearly!! I could not imagine my life without them. They have made me who I am today and have stuck with me through thick and thin and I couldn't be more thankful for their friendship.

Since going off to school I don't get to see them as much which I hate but we enjoy our time together so much. There is never a dull moment. We can find something to do anywhere we are and have a blast. We never leave without a good laugh and aching stomachs.

Last Friday we all had some free time so we headed out for some fun only we can have. A traditional dinner at our local Mexican restaurant then reminiscing at Dairy Queen where Collin and I use to work (we don't miss that place). The last stop was Walmart Sarah had to grab a few things while we were in town so we decide to go just mess around.

I love the time I get to spend with the two of them and hate that it is not more. I miss being able to just call them up and head out for a couple hours or movies at one of our houses. But I am so glad we have remained close since going separate ways and I can only hope that never changes. Haha it better not cause they know too much and would have to go!!

Mexican food!!

Sarah and I

It doesn't fall out!! DQ chocolate extreme our favorite!

Sarah being a goof ball

Random bike

Haha fun times! We really love to mess around. Sarah's was the best!!

Collin Creeping!

Creeping at its creepiest 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Somewhere in China.....

Somewhere in China today a birth mother is probably recalling the little girl she gave birth to at 3 pm China time 5 years ago today. She is probably recalling the few moments she laid eyes on her precious girl, held her, and then the hardest decision she ever made. She probably watched and helped her family members bundle her baby and then walk out the door with her. We have no idea what Lily's first moments of life were like but we can say that her birth parents cared deeply for her. They made sure she was warm and protected from the cold. They laid her in a place where she would be found quickly and pinned a small note to her with her day of birth and the time. Odds are someone watched from a far to make sure she was found and then silently walked away hoping for the best for their daughter, granddaughter, sibling, or niece.

What her birth mother and family do not know is how loved their baby girl is, how she is tucked in her bed warm and safe. They don't know how much she loves princesses or ballet. They have no idea how smart she is nor how beautiful she is. They don't know she is a lefty and loves school. They have no idea how cherished their baby is now nor do they probably know what happened to her. They didn't get to see her first steps or words and haven't been the ones who kissed away her boo boos but we cannot say they didn't love her. They have no idea how their hardest decision to give their baby up has been the biggest blessing to our family.

Today I pray that Lily's birth family has a sense of peace knowing that their little girl is loved to the moon and back again a billion times. Lily will always have two families; her China family who we do not know and  our family the family God intended for her to be with. She has the family that gave her life and the family that is helping her live it. We are forever grateful for her birth family's decision to give their baby life because we cannot imagine our lives without her.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Private Blog

Hi everyone,

I have finally gotten around to creating my private blog that I will be using along with this one. This one is by no means going anywhere anytime soon as I still love my blogspot could not part with it. However for my upcoming China trip to Starfish I will be posting all things about the babies I will be working with on it. It will also be a place where I can go to, to share things with only those individuals that I choose. If you would like to follow along shoot me an email and I will add you to the list of viewers and send you the password and blog address when everything is up and running. In the meantime I will still be here and posting on a halfway regular basis.

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Kindness of Others

This individual knows good and well who they are but they have simply blown me away. I posted my chip in yesterday just to help off set some of the cost of my upcoming trip and withing an hour one individual had donated a fairly large amount of money to it. This individual by no means should have done that for me as I did not expect them to do so. But they did and I am forever blown away by their kindness. It is people like this individual who I strive to be more like. She has by my opinion the best job in the world it may not be the best paying monetarily but over all it's amazing and something I dream of doing one day. But she donated to help me go to China and do what I love and I could by no means be an more thankful than I am right now! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Also thank you to everyone who has donated so far. Since I am a new member with paypal there is a 21 day delay between when you donate and when it appears on the chip in! Thank you to everyone who is helping me get to China!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

China Summer 2013

I am headed back to China this coming summer!! A few of my close friends have known this for a while but this is the officially announcement. I will be going back to Starfish Foster Home and will be loving on some adorable little ones. I am beyond thrilled to have another chance at going back to the country I love so dearly. However as many of you know this will be my 5th trip in 5 years and as a college student funds for traveling are hard to come by. For the first time I will be fundraising to help pay for some of my trip. I have added a chip in button over on my side bar for those that would like to help me get to China.

This summer I will also be getting college credit for my trip. I am excited about this as I will be getting the credit through the honors college at ASU. But, that also means that I will be having to pay summer school tuition on top of my airfare and other in country expenses.

I will be loving on little ones and helping the director at Starfish with their preschool program along with whatever else she may need. All the money donated would go to help me get to China and to pay for summer school tuition. Anything that I raise above that I will be donating to Starfish so that they can continue to care for medically fragile children. Many of you know how close these babies are to my heart. Some of them I have watch grow from almost the time they were born until after they were adopted. I love these little ones dearly and I am praying that I get another chance to go and love on them. I could not imagine a better way to spend my summer than loving on the fatherless.

I am praying daily for the funds to come so that I can continue to go to China. This trip will be the longest one I have ever done which I am thoroughly excited about. I hope you will consider supporting me on my journey to China. I will be doing a private blog while in China which I will share at a later date with all my friends and supporters. If you would like to read about my previous trips you can go Here and Here for the last trip I took to Starfish and you can go Here for my very first trip to Starfish. Thank you all in advance!!

Birthday recap and Secret Santa

My 20th birthday was AMAZING!! I could not have asked for a better day. The girls surprised me by taking me to a local restaurant for wing night. So being a lady while eating was quickly ruled out. But they were delicious!! Of course no night would have been complete if my darling friends didn't inform the waiter that it was my birthday. I HATE BEING SANG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO IN PUBLIC. It was probably the most embarrassing thing ever! I had to stand in the booth while they announced to the whole place that I was turning a year older and then everyone in that place sang to me. I think I was red for quite some time after. Pay back will be fun!! Other than that though most of my day was spent in class. Monday's are my busiest days so it was great that my b-day fell on a Monday this year. Oh well I know for next year to give myself a lighter load on Tuesday which normally happens anyway!

I don't feel any different than 19. 20 just sounds so old in my opinion that and I am no longer a teenager which is kind of sad but I am excited for the upcoming year and to see what all is in store.


This was the first year that as a group of friends we opted for Secret Santa instead of buying everyone a present. It worked out great to say the least other than according to everyone else I ruined the fun because I figured out who everyone had. I'm sorry I couldn't take the suspense and I was right with who had me so it was great. They did make me guess last but I was okay with that since I knew who everyone had. My secret Santa got me an awesome travel journal, chocolates, and hair accessories. The travel journal will come in hand this summer for sure!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

20+ Things I bet you didn't know about me...

In honor of my birthday Dec 3rd; today/tomorrow depending on when you read this. I thought I would give you a glimpse into who I really am. I have noticed that I don't share to many details about who I truly am on my blog. Most of my post are more about things that I am doing or how my family and/or friends are. So today I thought maybe I would try a little something today here we go...

1. My middle name is Shae
2. I do not like the color pink at all....
3. I love dresses more than anyone could ever know even though most of the time I am wearing jeans and a t-shirt.
4. I bite my nails when I am nervous
5.I won my local beauty pageant when I was 4 and have never wanted to do another one
6. I am very shy until you get to know me then I am the craziest person you will ever meet
7. I am not a happy person when my sleep is disrupted and I have been told I give mean looks when I am woken up
8.I hate the snow and cold (Yes I know I go to the wrong school since I hate both of those)
9. I am very good at arguing and can always make my point known
10.I am very stubborn
11. I sleep with a stuffed stitch doll (the alien from Lilo and Stitch the Disney Movie)
12. I have never been a a serious relationship with someone of the opposite gender (actually I've never even really dated TBH.)
13. I love taking naps and sleep in general
14. I hate talking about me
15. I love romance movies P&P, The Notebook, P.S  I Love you, One Night With the King are some of my favorites
16. I am a massive book worm I love reading and can read late into the night.
17. I plan on living in China when I am finished paying back my student loans (I hope to teach English and maybe work with a local orphanage)
18. I am the least crafty person you will ever meet.
19. I love wearing boots as much as I hate the cold most of my clothes are made for the cold weather!
20. I love country music. Along with Classic Rock., Christian music, and some newer songs

A few to grow on.....

21. I HATE surprises with a passion!! I hate not knowing what is going on. I am kind of a control freak sometimes.
22. I am a whopping 5 feet tall! Crazy I know right but I love being short.

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