Thursday, June 30, 2011

In Korea!!

I am sitting in the Korean Airport waiting for my flight to Xian which leaves about 7:35 east coast time! My flight here was amazing no compliants at all. Korean Air is amazing would reccommend to anyone the seats are bigger and there is more leg room then most American Airlines! I slept 85% of the flight was up long enough to eat and watch Soul Surfer which is a great movie by the way. No pictures really for this post it was dark the entire flight and I slept most of it! I will however post the best sight in the world which is when that little plane is over the city where you are landing!!

On Her Way!

{this is Ashton posting for Taylor}
{Post 1 : Thursday morning}
She is on her way. She left for China at 2:45 am EST last night. She will be arriving in Korea at about 4pm our time. She will then go on the final flight to Xi'an.{!!!!!} I am not sure how long her layover is from Korea to Xi'an but she should arrive around 10 pm tonight EST. So Friday in China.
Please keep her in your prayers as she is on a really long flight, alone. She is stepping out and doing what God so strongly called her to do. Please pray that she sleeps on the plane and has an easy, smooth flight all the way.
Please keep her in your prayers as she gets ready to
 go to Starfish and love on those babies :)

{Update Thursday afternoon}
just got word Taylor has successfully made it to Seoul and will soon be off to Xiaab! the flight went well and it was very smooth. m

I will update as soon as she tells me she has made it to Xi'an :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On my way in a few

I am on my way to China in just a few hours an 11 hour flight to Korea then a 3 hour flight to Xi'an where I will be met by an amazing friend  that I met last year while I was in China! Next post will be from China and I will be with some adorable babies!! Ashton will be posting pictures and updating you until I am able!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

California Bound!

Hey Y'all, this is Ashton posting for Taylor.
She should be in the air right about now.

She has had a rough day already from delays and wrong gates.

Prayer Requests for Taylor
1) She gets to fly out on time, no delays, difficulties, etc.
2) All of her luggage makes it to SNA
3) Her LONG flight to China will be smooth and uneventful
4) Safe travels all together.

She should land in California at about 10pm {California time}
I will post as soon as I hear she has landed.

Friday, June 24, 2011


As I look forward to going back to Starfish and seeing some of the same babies I met last year something feels different. I know that many have gone to be with their forever familes and I am beyond thrilled for them but its that one little boy who I fell for that I wont see again that is getting to me. Thomas left this world a little too soon and I miss him. I looked forward to seeing him again for months and months and was so happy that I was going to Starfish again. But then the news no one likes to hear came Thomas passed away. I know he is in a much better place away from all the hurt, his heart is forever healed, and he is orphaned no more but it still hurts to know that while here he was an orphan. I can honestly say that while he was on this earth he was loved beyond belief by volunteers, nannies and Amanda. Even though he was loved nothing beats a family where you are the center of attention. I so wish that Thomas would have had a family to love him and cherish the little boy he was and still is in my heart! I ache for his birth family that has no idea about their little boy or where he is today. It will be so hard walking through the doors of Starfish knowing one of my boys isn't there. I am however thankful he is partying it up with all his other Starfish siblings that have passed away and they are all planning the arrival of Amanda and oh what a party it will be then when they are reunited with their mommy Amanda. Amanda has the hardest job of all of us not only does she get the joy of seeing her babies join families but she has to deal with the hurt of that those who have passed on. I miss you Thomas and it was a blessing to meet you last year. I prayed so hard you would have a family on this side of heaven but for reasons unknown you were taken too soon!!

My all time favorite picture I took last year Hannah hugging Thomas

Chinese New Year 2011

Me and Thomas playing on the floor!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I miss these faces and China. I cannot wait to be back soon with a new group of little ones and some familiar faces that I met last year!




NAVA AND OLIVIA-Waiting for families to travel


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kicking it off

Well I am on my way to China a week from tomorrow to volunteer at Starfish foster home and I cannot wait. Please follow along and see my day to day adventures in China. I will update hopefully daily either myself or through a friend who has volunteered to do so!!
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