Friday, December 6, 2013


Wow am I really 21!? Where on earth is time going? I still feel like I should be about 16 and in high school. My birthday was amazing this year. I am truly blessed with some of the most awesome people.

My day started out with homemade pancakes that my awesome roommate made for me. Yes I am very aware of just how wonderful she is. Hard to believe we were almost random roommates, I say almost because we met and agreed to live together, but didn't really know each other until move in day. She is amazing though and I am so lucky she agreed to live with me. After that she had presents, she knows me too well to have only lived with me about 4 months. My day was fairly normal with the exception that I was super happy all day long.  I went about my normal schedule, went to class, turned in everything I had due and even worked on some homework.

My parents had made plans weeks earlier to come up and have dinner with me on my birthday so that only added to the wonderful day I was having. My mom tried to be sneaky and plan a surprise party with my friends, but nothing ever gets by me! I totes knew what was going on but did try to play along (lol). My parents brought along some of my closest girlfriends all of whom I love dearly and I am so blessed to call friends.  I really have nothing bad to say about my birthday it was an all around wonderful day, with the exception it was on a Tuesday which meant I couldn't stay up late or put off the homework.

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, it truly meant a lot. I also received some hilarious ones along with ones that about made me cry. Thank you everyone!


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