Wednesday, August 24, 2011

College week one!

So far so good everything has been great and I am loving it at App! Move in day for me was a week ago and I feel mostly settled in, my roommate and suite mates are amazing and it is nice living with people from around the world! Our room is very diverse we are from the US-me China-Claire my roommate and my suitemates France-Charlotte has been living in Raleigh for the last year though and England-Alice. We all get along very nicely we and Charlotte actually have workout later today at the SRC. Claire has been great and is very nice love having her as my roommate, we get along well and even crash at aobut the same time. She is a morning person so makes sure I am moving before she in the morning. We have our first class together on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, World History! All my professors seem to be wonderful and very nice! I am actually loving my English class she is a hoot she speaks 4 languages and English was the last she learned she is a grammer freak which is ok my grammer needs help but our focus is a history topic which history is my favorite subject and Immigration is up there on the list of things I enjoy learning about! Now to back track to before classes started! App has so much going on for those that move in early it is amazing. Corey Smith did a concert free to all students and it was awesome! There was a hillbilly dance which watching international student dance like that is too funny!! There is always something going on! My RA is aazing he bakes us cookies! Actually all the RA's are great and very helpful! It was nice moving in before other freshman I got to learn my way around and have been asked several times if I am an upper-classmen! Well that is all for now I will post more and pictures later!

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