Saturday, July 30, 2011

I havent fallen off the earth (yet)

I promise I am still kicking haven't quite fallen off the planet yet. Jet lag has been a meany this time around I haven't slept through a night since being home. I am about as exhausted as one can be most days!! Now to sum of some of my stay at Starfish the last few days I was there since my last post was about the hospital. All my days kind of ran together so bare with me I don't remember what happened on a Monday versus a Tuesday. Most days we were with the babies and enjoyed going from room to room picking up and playing with those that wanted the attention. Megan finally after a month almost let me pick her up and carry her around she is the sweetest little girl after she gets familiar with you. She loved to walk and kept wanting to even after she wore herself out and couldn't hold her body up anymore needless to say my back didn't like that too much. I am so glad I took the ergo carrier Ethan loved to be held and once I picked him up there was no setting him down until he wanted food sleep or his nanny! The nannies were convinced I was bringing him home with me and asked me all the time if I was taking him on the plane with me! The Saturday before I left we made another trip to the Muslim market for me to pick up some gifts for friends and family. It is always an adventure to go out the amount of stares and foreigners you see that aren't American. We lost the Dutch girls after me and Tracy made a run to the Bank of China which was much nicer then the one close to us they all spoke wonderful English. We stat out by the exit/entrance for the longest time waiting on them and had given up when we were going to go find a cab I looked across the street and yelled at Tracy stop I stop I see white people (horrible I know) but long be hold out of a city of 8 million within the gates we found the two people we needed! Know that cab was a different story we had literally sat down on the side of the road and watched cab after cab go by full we tried the bud everyone of them slammed and it didn't sound like a good idea to stand for over an hour on a crowed bus to get back where we needed to be. We made the decision that IF we ever did get a cab just hope in and refuse to get out even if he had no idea where he was going we of course had to choose the hottest day to go to the market (bad choice)! Our cab finally came after about an hour of searching he wasn't 100% sure where he was going but we didn't care at this point we knew eventually we would get back even if had to call Apple (who is a hoot by the way!!). We finally did make it back and did a light dinner of noodles for dinner. Saturday night Jet and her family also came for their visit back to Starfish for Norah. It was weird to watch two Chinese children walk around speaking Dutch. Norah was too funny feeding Grace when Grace wanted to be done with her bottle Norah would just shove it back in her mouth like the milk it not all gone therefore you are not done! Sunday I spent all day loving on some adorable babies soaking up everything. Sunday night we went out to Indian food which I love! Monday was a travel day so I spent 24 hours of my life on planes and in Airports! Loved Korean Air they were great would fly them again in a heart beat!! The Seoul Airport was even better so clean way different then China. I got back to LA at about 4:30 pm. Immigration was way backed up but the people at LAX have it down to thread and are amazing at what they do flying through DC last year the line was about the same length and they took twice as long and we worried about missing our flight back to Charlotte. By about 5:15-5:30 I was through Customs and immigrations and on my way to Karen and Doug's. One of my great friends Ashton was also at Karen's so it was nice too see her again as well since I had not seen her in almost a year. I enjoyed my stay very much with Karen and her family they were amazing. Tuesday I had a full day in LA and enjoyed it with Karen and her family, Ashton left for home and while she ran for her plane in Atlanta I was shopping at a lovely mall not far form Karen's house yes Ashton be jealous!! Wednesday was another travel day back to the east coast 9 hours more of Airports that I do not care to see again in a while. After a small delay in Houston I made it home to Charlotte by about 11:15 and was greeted by my family and friend Hannah who had Bojangles and Diet Mt. Dew. I got home early Thursday morning at about 12:45ish or so gave the littles their presents which they liked the princess has asked everyday to wear her princess dress. Now getting back on schedule has been a different story normally I am back within a day or two sleeping til about 8 everyday after going to bed at about 10 or so not this time around I am a 9 to 4 type person I just lay in bed hoping to go back to sleep which never really happens. I think this about sums everything up. For my SF mommies I promise to get you all your pictures very soon I have started sorting them by your child's Starfish name haven't gotten far but hopefully by next week you will all have them. Now to go play with the princess who is wanting my attention!!


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