Monday, November 28, 2011

I know Im Bad!

Well since I can never find the time to really update I would do so now...

College is amazing I LOVE IT! I love all my classes and my professors are great as well. With the semseter coming to an end its a little stressful with exams coming up but they will be ok shouldnt be to hard! I am already looking forward to next semester and Snowboarding cannont wait for that class that and I start later then I do now which means I get to sleep longer and I have no Friday classes YAY!!!

But now back to this semester. It has been the best first semester of College anyone could ask for no lie! Monday Wednesday Friday done by 11 am and then only one late afternoon early noght class couldnt ask for a better start to college! I have made amazing friends that I love! I also have the best roommates and suitemates have had no problems or drama at all.

Football season is comng to a close which is a bit sad as I love football. We have a game Saturday which is my birthday! I am so excited about an App game on my birthday! We have had a pretty great season, rushed the field once and even had a streaker who thank goodness kept his clothes on. I am going to miss football season.

Hmmm... lets see what else has really happened we have had it snow twice thankfully it didnt stick we are suppose to get some tonight praying it doesnt stay long and it goes away I am not ready for snow yet!

Thanksgiving was great as well. So nice to eat a home cooked meal and not central food it was so yummy!!! The princess was very happy to see me as I was to see her! We sent Thursday to Sunday at the lake with me and my mom coming home breifly Friday so she could work and I could shop for a few hours in Monroe for a couple of things. Needless to say I have no idea why people camp out for Black Friday it is way over rated. I will spend a little more to not fight crowds and be pushed and shoved by people. Oh and another note Walmart before Thanksgiving BAD idea never go! They only have 5 registers open and the place is slammed with people wall to wall!

I worked one day over break at Dairy Queen and that was an experience business has slowed down quite a bit there so it was a LONG 5 hours at drive through. Thankfully though everyone was nice and there was nothing that went wrong and I picked up on the new system quickly.

I am so ready for Christmas. I love the holiday season and all the warm fuzzy feeling about this time of the year. Cannot wait for it and being home a month with the family and seeing friends that I haven's seen in a while. Claire will be coming home with me for Christmas so it will be nice to spend it with her! I am going to miss her when she goes back to China in May! I have already told her she is required to come back and teach here when she is done with school in China!

Well I think this about sums up my time so far. I am planning on getting better about blogging and hope to keep up unlike I have been doing recently! Now below is what I know most of you are wanting to see enjoy. Oh and if you really want to follow me more closely add me on facebook I update that more often.

Me and Frenchie(aka suitemate Charlotte)

Sam and Lauren goofing off in a store

Tailgating before a game it is crazy up here during games!

Charlotte Meghan Amy Sam and Me after a girls dinner

Student section at the Rock!

The football players

Duck on Duck Pond

Catherine, Megan, Johnna, and me on Black Staurday

The Cheerleaders ( No I dont miss it)


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