Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Catch up!

Yes I know I am awful at keeping everyone up to date. I am sorry but life has been hectic lately!

Well to catch everyone up... March 30th-31st there was a reunion in Charlotte for families that used our adoption agency to bring home their children. I went by Friday for a little bit to see Karen and her girls. I got to meet sweet Cami who is an absolute doll!! That Saturday I went by again to see everyone and to see Ashton. I spent a little bit of time with Karen and her girls and then got to see Kathleen's girls AG, MC, and L. They are still as sweet as ever. Everyone was a little tired by the time that I got back to visit some more as they were all enjoying the pool beforehand.

I also got to spend some much needed time with Ashton who I haven't seen since July. It was very nice to see her again and to spend quality time shopping!

This same weekend Sam, Lauren, and Charlotte came home with me and met the fam. They also got to meet the Llamas which was quite funny watching them interact with them. The llamas seemed to enjoy the extra attention especially Belle.
The entire gang with Belle!
Lily and I

Forgot to mention that March 27th was Charlotte's 20th birthday so we threw her a little surprise party. To say the least she was not expecting it at all and was quite shocked to see everyone!!

The group!

Miles and I pretending to like each other.

April 12-18 was my Easter Break so I went home to see the family and to spend Easter with them. It was a ton of fun and a much needed break. We spent Saturday and Sunday at the lake house. Easter Sunday was particularly fun after the egg hunt was baseball bigs against littles so fair I know. Well needless to say it was the oldest (me) who got hurt, 3rd base was a tree and a collided with the tree the scratches are still healing! 

Jacob on Saturday swinging on the homemade swing.

Lily swinging after bubba.

After break I had a loverly one day week my one and only Wednesday class was cancelled. Thursday held mine and the girls weekly fro-yo trip for frozen yogurt.
Me, Meg, and Court! 

Now onto more current things this past weekend I went hiking with Shannon and Courtney. We went to somewhere on the parkway and it was beautiful and we had a blast!! It was so nice just to get away from campus and to be outside on a lovely day! It was a 2.5 mile hike but so worth all the views we got to see!!

Courtney, Me, and Shannon




Goofing off on the trail

Shannon's handstand

Court's attempt at a handstand.

We also have cartwheel pics that I refuse to post but it was all and all a wonderful day!! So glad we decided to go spur of the moment!! 

School is slowly winding down and its bittersweet. On one hand I am glad for summer and my internship that I have but its sad to know how fast this year has flown!!

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