Sunday, May 20, 2012

Summer has Began!

Well it is officially summer!! My break began about a week ago. I am loving being home, its so nice not having any papers or school work in general!

Summer so far has been wonderful, other than moving out of the L, which was awful. I got Home Saturday the 12th at about lunch time. I unloaded my car and my moms van which was much easier than loading it since I had two little helpers who brought things and and carried them to my room.
Claire joined us Monday night and stayed until today when I took her to the airport. I must say it is going to be weird not having her around. I miss her already. She was the best roommate ever. I love her and cannot wait to visit her in China!!

I cannot wait for my internship to start next week and I am throughly excited about it. I missed the orientation session so I have not met my kids yet. Please keep me in your prayers though the location I am at is in the worst neighborhood in Charlotte. They have had 3 murders in the last 2 weeks and one was in broad daylight right across from the school I am in. I cannot wait to get started though and the meet my 3rd-5th graders. I an so glad I was not placed with middler schoolers but this might be the reassurance I need that I am not cut out to be an elementary school teacher. I could go on and on about my internship but training starts next week and then I leave for TN for a week. Also on a side note one of the individuals I will be working with goes to ASU and even graduated from the same high school as I did just one year before me.

Memorial day weekend is coming up and I am so thrilled for it as I am headed to Nashville for the Starfish Reunion. I cannot wait to see so many of the babies I met my first year again and to meet many Starfish babies that I did not get to care for. I also get to see little James while I am there. Which as many of you know is the little guy who stole my heart the summer of 2010!! I also get to meet his wonderful family who has kept in touch with me and let me watch him grow!

No pictures for this post as I haven't really taken any other than the ones I took of Claire leaving today but those will be on facebook so be on the look out for them! Also it appears that I am on a once a month update hopefully I will break that soon since I am home and have a little more free time. But feel free to follow me on facebook!

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