Monday, June 18, 2012

Internship day 1:

I am going to try to find time each day to post about my internship somedays will be easier than others so bear with me! I know I am bad at blogging and already behind with the Starfish reunion which I am still working on and will get it up soon I promise but here is day one of my internship with the kids!

To say today was an interesting day and hard day would be a massive understatement! My kids are all adorable they are just challenging to teach as many do not like each other or their families do not get along. I have one little girl who is a cute as a button and very tiny but boy is she feisty she has a very colorful vocabulary as well and said some choice words to other students. I also have two little boys who have special needs one is very difficult to handle and I am consistently telling him no we cannot do that, sit down please, do not touch that, get out from there, etc. The other little one with a special need is wonderful he does everything I ask and does his work and keeps to himself, and doesn’t bother a sole. You would never know that those two are brothers at all they are so different! I have one little girl who is an absolute angel and listens so well, if I could have 11 more of her my class would be wonderful. She is so easy and sweet! Each and every one of them is sweet in their own way and they all crave attention but when you are the only one given it and 5 at the same time want it it’s not possible to meet everyone’s need. I was to the post of tears almost by the end of the day because of stress and pure exhaustion. Misbehaving happens quite a bit in my class. Touching things that are off limits coloring on others, dumping glitter in the floor etc. I was so close to having to send one little one out for just completely ignoring me and doing the opposite of what I would say. I have decided I am in no way equipped to teach elementary kids! It will be a long and fun 6 weeks with these little ones and my class will only grow from here! Please continue to pray as the time progresses and that the little ones start to behave for me.  Also as a side note I am not able to post pictures of my children for privacy reasons but any links that I find of my little ones I can post so I will try to get those up when possible!

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