Sunday, September 9, 2012

Football Season has begun!!

The gorgeous rainbow that appeared over Kidd Brewer Stadium last night
Oh how I love college football especially AppState football. I guess it is just something about the time of year that makes me oh so happy or maybe just being around people who love football as much as I do? I really don't know but I am just glad football season is back. There is nothing more excited than walking out of your dorm room and seeing all the black and gold across campus. It makes me smile so much! I love my school and all the school spirit that is around me from the students and community all the way to the fans and alumni!

This year I am working event staff at football games and my main job is working the student and student guest gate to make sure no one enters the football stadium without having a valid ticket or student I.D. We also have to keep our eyes open to make sure no one is trying to sneak items past the bag checkers and bring in prohibited items such as umbrellas, massive strollers, cigarettes, alcohol etc. However, watching the cops pat down individuals is quite entertaining especially after they find such items on them. We only had one major problem where people got testy. Our scanners all decided to go down at the same time and we couldn't let people in the gate for like 10 minutes but after that was done things moved quickly. After the majority of people are in I am basically a floater and last night I ended up in the stands a place I did not enjoy very much; even though I got to watch the game while working it is not a place I want to be again!
Catherine my coworker and I before the game.

Working the stands last night was an adventure all in itself! People fight over the craziest crap. It was ridiculous what I had to put up with and be the moderator between. Thankfully I have wonderful supervisors who took over and finished with the ordeals but my goodness the adults were worse than the students at least when we confronted a student they apologized and stopped what they were doing and didn't do it again. But the "adults" they acted like such children last night granted yes many were beyond wasted and smelled like they had bathed in alcohol since 11 am when tailgating began but still. We had an almost fight over the yellow chains that keep people from walking in front of the stands and blocking fire/emergency exits one girl blamed another for cussing at her when she tried to step though the gap between the pole that holds the chain and the bleacher. That dumb chain was the cause of the majority of the headache last night and people not wanting to listen and understand that unless they were on the from row or in the handicap section they couldn't cross it. Some guy even decided he wanted to get in my face over it and started complaining to me how I was being rude and inconsiderate and how he had paid all this money and wasn't going to be told by a student he couldn't walk where ever he wanted. Which we all know I like my personal space and that was about enough for me. It was settled however and my supervisor spoke with him.  Then after we had just about settled that ordeal we had a guy start puking thankfully we were told and then just went and got EMS/the cops and they handled it. The last major event we had was a girl getting punched in the face by another girl and it wasn't an oh my stop it punch it was awful the poor girl had blood running down her face and swelling already starting, thankfully, we just had to inform our supervisors and the cops and they took care of that but still it was a crazy night!

On a lighter note though I am loving my job even though it got a wee bit stressful last night. I am working with an amazing group of people andI do love working gates and getting to see everyone come in excited about the game.

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