Monday, January 21, 2013

Three Years ago

Oh how things have changed in 3 years. Three years ago today Ashton and I were in the lobby of the Wangfuijing Hotel in Beijing China anxiously awaiting the 4 children who were about to forever changed the families waiting upstairs. I remember that day oh so well. I remember the look each child had on their face as they walked through the revolving doors at our hotel. Each little one was so sacred about what was about to happen. But they didn't know how long the four families upstairs had waited to hold them in their arms. Our group had waited NINE almost TEN months for this day and it was finally here.

For most family/gotcha days are a blur full of tears and screaming children. But not one child in our little group cried but the pain of the day was on everyone's faces. There were 4 children not quite old enough to fully comprehend what was happening and 4 children who had just been taken from everything they had known. Those Beijing days were hard for just about everyone in our group and through it all our travel group became like family. We were each others shoulders and support during those many tough days we all faced.

Three years has brought us a long way though. All of the children that were in our group are doing amazing today! Jacob has come so far in the last 3 years it is amazing! He is above or at grade level in every subject in school. Looking back he has come a long ways from the little boy in China we were handed. He no longer runs at any given chance and he has learned what a family is, something he didn't even know about 3 years ago today.

Granted yes we were headed to bed this time 3 years ago as it had been a long day and with the time difference and jet lag we were all exhausted. If I could go back I wouldn't change a thing. Jacob was totally made for our family and we have grown so much over the last few years. We are truly the lucky ones not him for getting a family but us for being blessed with such a cool little guy. I am so blessed to be his big sister.

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