Friday, January 18, 2013

The First Week of Class

Well... The first week of class has come to an end. To that I am grateful! The first week always seems to be the most stressful.

  • Where are my classes
  • Did I read my schedule right
  • Am I in the correct room
  • How are my professors going to be
  • Will I know anyone in my classes
  • Can I make it from building A to building B in the allotted time
  • etc...
I stress the most during the first week because my biggest fear is I will read my schedule wrong and be late for a class or show up on a day that I do not have that class. Those that know me personally know how I am. I will read my schedule 4 or 5 times and still question what I have read. Needless to say though the first week went wonderful!

My professors all seem great which I am so grateful for. The work load for the semester doesn't seem to unbearable. I have a lot of reading and a fair share of papers but nothing I cannot handle.

I am so excited for this semester and cannot wait to see what it holds. Most of my classes I am generally excited about and I am finally into some of my major ones. The one I am dreading is my FINAL science course! Thankfully it's only 50 minutes a day Monday, Wednesday, and Friday which I can handle, no more 2 and a half hour Anthropology lecture.

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