Friday, December 30, 2011

Pictures as promised

So as promised here are some of our Christmas pictures none of the Princess's Birthday they are on a different card. Our Christmas was wonderful we celebrated Christmas Eve with extended family at the yearly Christmas party. It is so nice seeing everyone and seeing how all the little ones have grown. Christmas day Started with Lily getting up way to early and then ripping into her gifts before I was even up she even opened Jacob's gift. She got everything princess a bike and now owns just about every princess gown ever made! Jacob got some electric race track thing a movie and some games and other things that I have no idea what they are called. We spent the day at our Maw Maw's eating way to much as usual but when you are in college home cooked food is amazing!
Jeff and everyone playing music Chistmas Eve at the family gathering

Jacob on Christmas Day waiting not so paitently to open his gift at Maw maws
Jacob opening his pesent

The Princess and he new nursey

Jacob with his new remote control thing

Eating Ice Cream in her new princess jammies!

The cousins Cameron and Lauren. (Ihad to threaten to take this one)

Jeff putting together Lily's present!

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