Thursday, December 27, 2012

Family Ski Trip

This past weekend we took a rather random last minute ski trip. It snowed and we decided why not head to Boone and go skiing/snowboarding. The littles have never skied before so we put them in a class and it was great. It was not crowded at all this past weekend and it was great!

I decided  to be brave and snowboard instead of ski. We all should remember the class that I took last year 2nd semester. Thankfully I remembered just about everything and did okay considering I haven't snowboarded in almost a year. I only had one major fall when my boot because loose in my bindings. This was the first time I have ever used bindings. During the class I always had a step in. I loved being able to get back into it and it was so nice that I remembered how to do everything. 

The princess HATED skiing and she was the one who was SO excited about going skiing and being like her daddy. She dropped out halfway through the class... She complained the whole time probably about how cold she was or how much she didn't like skiing. When she would fall she would yell at her ski instructor "hello someone needs to pick me up!!" That child I swear!! Needless to say her instructors weren't upset she was a dropout. They seemed rather relieved that she left.

Jacob loved ski school and did very well. He graduated and was able to go out onto the slope with his dad. His instructors said that he was the best listener of the group. 

Other than the drop out the ski trip was a major success! We enjoyed the get away and change in scenery. 

Now on the the pictures of the littles ski class. I have a video as well and will try to get that up later and post a link here.Lily is in all pink and Jacob is in the all black with the red and green marked jacket.


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