Thursday, February 2, 2012

Snowboarding Take 2

Tuesday's snowboarding class was much more fun to say the least. It was much easier to get the hang of things. At first it was a wee bit difficult just getting your snowboarding legs back.

Me, Lauren, Charlotte, and Miles had our hour of instruction time where we were officially taught how to snowboard with both feet in. It is so much easier when both feet are locked into the board then having one unlock and the other hanging free. After instruction we had free boarding which is my favorite simply because it tends to be a little more fun and more relaxed. I switched feet and have learned that I am much better at regular than goofy. I stopped falling after about 2 runs regular. I did tackle the intermediate slope that did me in the week before and well needless to say I went down on my back and bottom more then the board but it was much easier this week.

After the intermediate me and Lauren hung back and stayed on the easy slope just to get a better gripe of things and to learn how to stop without falling. That and I switched feet after the blue intermediate slope so I had to relearn how to do things the opposite way. Lauren and I each had our tumbles and HARD falls. Snowboarding uses those muscles you never knew you had really. We all had had enough by about 9:30 and packed it up to head back to campus after snowboarding I tend to sleep like a baby to say the least.

Thankfully this week I am not nearly as sore as last week. My ribs hurt really bad almost to the point if you hugged me I would probably cry. It hurts to laugh and those that know me know I love to laugh.
Me and Lauren on the Easy Hill after I switched feet!

Going up the magic carpet

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