Friday, February 24, 2012

Snowboarding Last Night

Well this past Tuesday was my last day of Snowboarding. It was bitter sweet but I have to say I wont miss the all the falling, wipeouts, and hurting muscles.

The last night was amazing we did a warm up run with Bo our instructor and then  started are final exam which was just going over everything we learned making sure we could do them. We had heel and toe side turns, traverses. and slides all which we did great and we all got A's on the exam.
After the exam it was a free ride until we wanted to leave. We started on the blue slope that was rather long then for the first time ever I did a black diamond and did not fall!! We snowboarded until they announced the park was closed and I only had one fall that kind of hurt a little bit.

I have had my fair share of falls in this class and have had more bruises then I can ever remember having, my tail bone has hurt like crazy, I have knocked the breath out of me more times then I can count but would I do it again YES!!! I have loved this class and it has really taught me I can do whatever when I set my mind to it. Now for what everyone is waiting for the pictures.

Charlotte shes so cool!

Lauren CLT and Miles

Dubald and Greenwood

Me and Miles

Lauren and Charlotte 

The girls!

Our Class Charlotte, Lauren, Miles and Me!

Me and Lauren on the lift

Charlotte going down the mountain 

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