Friday, February 3, 2012

When you get knocked down just get back up...

Life occasionally thorws you thouse curve balls. You know the ones that just completely knock you down and keep knocking you down almost to the point that you just want to give up and stay down. Well if there is anything that I have learned it is that no matter how many times you are knocked down you just have to get back up and go again.

Personal experience Snowboarding... It is one of the hardest thing I have ever done sports wise. I normally can pick things up fairly easy no big deal. Snowboarding on the other hand is a pain sometimes. Just when you think you are getting the hang of it BAM you hit a bump and completely wipe out and falling hurts horribly. After you have wiped out and fallen on your butt about a 100 times you are literlly at the point where you just want to say I QUIT no more get me off this mountain. Well see there is the problem you are up on the top of the mountain with only one way down.... In order to get to the bottom you have to get on that board and just go for it. So you do and 10 feet later you fall you get up and go again and then fall and you repeat this many times until you are at the point you are laying on your back and you are physically tuired of trying your wrist hurt from pushing yourself back up. Your knees are buckling and you feel as if you have tore something in your leg. No problem right I mean how hard can it be thats where you are wrong... So many times I would have loved to have just kicked off my board and walked because I was just so tired of falling it that dumb snow/ice. I would lay on my back or stomach for what felt like forever and finally I would just get back up. But you know what every run it seemed to get a little bit easier to go down the mountain and before long the only time I was falling was when I went to stop and over estimated how much to life my board.

Ok now I say all of this to say that no matter how hard times get there will always be the easy route out where you can just give up and quit never loook back your done! But, in my book what doesn't kill you makes you a much stronger person. That and practice makes perfect. Life is always going to throw you a curve ball that at first seems like it is way to big to counquer by yourself. Well see now that is the best part you are never really by yourself, God is always there to pick you back up even when the going get tough!

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