Saturday, February 4, 2012

RA interviews

Since Wednesday I have been doing interviews for an RA position for next year. So far I have done 2 and have one more to go today. The first 2 have gone very well in my opinion. I am hoping to get one of the positions in the LLC which is where I currently live. They hold a separate interview process in which you interview with a staff member and student and then 2 current RA's. Wednesdays was fun with the two RA's and my would you rather questions. Yesterdays interview was with a person from university housing and another RA that is not in the LLC. My university housing person was the LLC coordinator which was ironic since you are not suppose to be interviewed by someone who knows you or lives within your building. It was much much more laid back with her then with 2 complete random people. The RA that was with her I have also met before so I think that one went great as well.

Today is my last interview and it is a group interview which I am hoping goes just as well and that this time two weeks I am offered a position somewhere on campus preferably a residence hall that has bathrooms in the rooms!

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