Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Well the good news I survived my first snowboarding class. Thank goodness! It was a ton of fun and not quite as hard as I thought it would be. I didn't fall as much as I expect but I still did fall a lot!

The class starts about about 6 pm with your assigned instructor. Thankfully I am with 3 other people that I know (Charlotte my suitemate, Lauren a friend and Miles the guy who is driving us) they let us stay together wen assigning instructors!! The class started out with are you regular or goofy. Well of course I would be one of those goofy's, then we learned how to walk with one foot hooked onto the board and glide. Finally came the fun of actually going down the slight incline. I had the hang of it until it came to stepping off I fell every time. I was  told however that I am a graceful faller and just float down so that was kind of funny.

After we were done with the instructor at about 7:30 ish or so Lauren and I went in to change out her boots and take a short rest before all 4 of us went out on our own. We started with the magic carpet and the easy slope one step above the bunny we were on so that was an improvement on my scale. We all did pretty good and most and each only fell when trying to avoid another person who had fallen or when it came to stopping or turning. I did learn how to get back up with two feet in during this time so that was very nice cause I no longer had to pop my back foot out to stand again cause getting your feet out of those things were a pain!

Somehow or another I was talked into getting on the ski lift and going do an intermediate slope... The ski lift was very interesting to get off. It is so easy to get on but when you have 3 people who don't all snowboard the same way getting off is a challenge. Needless to say Lauren, Charlotte and I were the reason the ski lift stopped that run we all fell on our behinds. Now going down that slope proved to be very difficult. Needless to say half way down I took a hard fall and if I hadn't of been on the slope I would have cried cause it hurt so bad I was done after that, I did manage to slide down on my board another 5 feet before falling again this time I didn't even want to  get up, my wrist and arms were hurting so bad from pushing my back up. I slid down on my butt for like 5-6 feet after that just so I could catch my breath and rest then I took my back foot out and tried to go down on one foot bad idea took another fall finally I just took my board off and let it  finish the 3 feet down, I got it at the bottom and I walked back to the girls and Miles and called it quits. I only quite like 45 mins before the slopes closed so 3 hours and 15 mins of snowboarding my first time not to bad in my books that and everything I attempted I call it a successful night!

It was over all a very good night and I am looking forward to the next class. I am in a ton of pain from all that falling my shoulders and arms kill but I am stoked to be doing this class!!

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  1. Please be careful and don't break anything!! You need to stay on the easy slopes! Just because you are a pro at skiing doesn't mean you will be good at snowboarding!! Love you, MOM!


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