Monday, January 30, 2012

Computer Update

Well it appears my computer has more then a virus. Well to be exact it isn't a virus at all no one really knows what is wrong with it. But thank goodness for the lab in the building I live in it is much more bearable then having to walk across campus to the library for a computer. I am hoping it will get fixed soon but in the meantime my post will still be few and far between so continue to bear with me. Tomorrow is another snowboarding day and I am quite excited about that.
Now onto more news in my life I have been invited to interview for an RA positing for the building I currently live in for next year. I am really hoping to get that as it would be a huge blessing. I have received the internship that I applied for at the end of last year with freedom school partners. I am stoked to be working with them this summer helping children improve their reading and writing skills. Other then this not much has been going on lately I am still so glad that I do not have Friday classes that has been a massive blessing just to be able to relax and have a catch up day!

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