Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years

Yeah I know it's a little late but at least I got to better late then never I guess. My New Years Eve and Day were amazing! Quality time spent with family. We went up to the lake Saturday morning and spent a good bit of the day at my Maw Maws with Jeff's sister (My Aunt Leslie) and her kids. It is always quite fun when we are all together. Me and Claire brought in the New Year Watching Despicable Me, quite a good movie if I must say. We also watched Hangover two later in the day and that movies continues to crack me up.

I didn't take any pictures sorry... It was a relaxing weekend to say the least not much other to post but be sure to keep checking back often for updates I am going to try to post more often this year we will see how it goes so far so good.

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