Saturday, July 9, 2011

Catch Up Post!

The last few days have been an adventure! I have been sick, experienced Amanda's driving, and been to the Chinese version of a hospital. I was hoping I had gotten food poisoning but after much thought I believe I contracted the bacteria that the isolation babies had. Me and Tracy ventured out into the local town and had a nice look around it was very neat to get out and visit with the locals! I have also had Indian food and had horrible night mares after wards. Lets see what else have I done we went for an outing today with Amanda. We went to the hospital which I have to process some more before writing about too hard to put into words right now what all I have seen there in less then an hour. We picked up two new volunteers at the airport funny story on how Amanda remembered she had volunteers coming. After all that and we had the new volunteers back to Starfish we went to a Japanese restaurant by walmart for dinner and then shopped for items we needed before coming home to Starfish. Well I think that about sums up my last few days if I left anything out I will post an update to this post or add it in, in another post

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