Monday, July 18, 2011

Way Behind

Hmmm... Lets see what all has happened the last few days I haven’t had internet.. A LOT!!! All but 2 babies are home from the hospital Alice who is due home any day and Joseph who is having heart surgery in Hangzhou. Starfish has grown by 2 there is now a Taylor ( I didn't name her) and an Iris. We rushed Seth to the hospital and I went because I happen to be the one holding him at the time. Hospitals in Chi*a SUCK!! They are dirty, nasty, gross, stinky, smell like urine, leaking roofs, people sleeping in the floor. We walked in and you know how most hospitals in the states smell TOO CLEAN total opposite here Amanda told us not to touch a thing or to sit anywhere and made sure we had hand sanitizer. She said you are more likely to catch something here than anywhere else in Chi*a. They are horrible!! Tracy and I were literally running with the baby amidst super crowded hallways, rooms, up and down stairs, just making or sometimes pushing our way through heaps of people. I’ve done this kind of thing before where I’ve pushed and shoved my way through a crowd just not while I was carrying a small child, but we had no choice. Seth wasn’t digesting any milk and whatever he drank was coming out of the hole in his stomach and this was an emergency (I thought and even commented that if it were a child bleeding to death, by the time we finish all the paperwork and wait for that number, he would already be dead. I know it’s harsh, but Tracy and I were kind of just frustrated at the whole thing…the whole system. Finally, after running through all those places, we rushed to the neonatal section of the hospital and got into a room, which was supposed to be a surgery/operating room. There were 2 beds inside and what I saw inside shocked me. Not that what we saw on our way here to this room didn’t terrify me just a little bit. By the time we reached the room, I was already in disbelief. This was supposed to be one of the best hospitals here. I won’t mention all the details I saw because…..anyway,…but yeah I will never forget it in my life. Inside the room, there were two huge trash cans of medical waste that were overflowing… ‘Medical’ waste means used syringes filled with a little blood, cotton swabs, used needles, surgical bandages, dirty gloves… And who knows what not. There were empty trays of surgical instruments from operations they performed earlier that morning which were still lying there on the counter…dirty…part blood maybe and part what looked to me like iodine. Watched horrified as the doctor came in, put Seth on the operating table and his bandages removed….while another mother came in and put her baby… who was about 3 months on the table beside us. In walked in a nurse too and the mother just left that crying baby there and left.. The room was really small. I watched as Seth began to cry and we were trying to comfort him, as stuff started to ooze out of the hole in his stomach. All the food he had eaten was coming out. As I watched that, rubbing my finger softly on his shin and calves, just to comfort him, the baby next to us started crying hysterically. I looked in horror as I saw the nurse inserting a long needle inside his head…on the top of his head….what she thought was close to the vein but what clearly looked like it was still a far way off……and now stuck inside the baby’s head. Finally when everything was over, we left, still shocked by all we saw. We stopped by another baby’s room Chris who was admitted to that hospital a few days ago for emergency surgery. I carried him some, sat by his bedside, played with him a little and then we left. Won’t mention what we saw while on the way to his room too much for one post!! It was really sad seeing the healthcare in a communist nation. I won’t say more because I can’t type everything on here, but this will definitely make for some good conversation someday with someone who feels equally very concerned by the healthcare that people get in some places... especially when kids are involved. I won’t post pictures of anything at the hospital while I am here just know that it was horrible!!

We have had many volunteers in and out lately Wei Jen has left us and it is very sad our only Chinese speaking person minus Amanda is gone :'(. Wei Jen got us around in Taxi's because no one knows where Chong La Gong is.

Today was kind of relaxing I played with my favorite Ethan I love that kid he is so sweet and reminds me so much of you Josiah Donna!! Ethan is a laid back kind of kid nothing really bothers him. All I have to do is walk in the room not say a word he is in my arms within seconds. The nannies know I am so attached to home when I walk in his nanny will hand him to me sometimes she even asked today if I was going to take him home with me!! Well YES of course I would if I could and would sit in Chinese prison for baby stealing!! We took a TWO hour bus ride today for Indian food and the 600 bus which takes us there was jam packed nothing in the states compares to it!! We were smooshed and the driver yelled at us to keep smooshing thankfully after a few stops me and Chloe got seats so it wasn’t as bad but it was the longest ride ever and HOT!! But it was so worth it for the food we ate I love that place it is amazing!! We took a cab home and as usual he pretended to know where he was going and didn't so it ended with a call to Apple Amanda's driver for directions we made it back to say the least and so did Tracy and Elisha who took the cab after us we hate splitting up because we never know how long it will take the people we had to leave!! I think this about sums everything up not much else to say!! I will attempt to maybe post pictures later if I can and internet cooperates with me it is still testy!!

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