Monday, July 25, 2011

Goodbye China Hello Korea

I have offically made it safely from Xian to South Korea! I have a 4 hour layover which I am half way through then onto LA for a day roughly to see Karen and then Home late Wednesday night! The Korean Airport is Amazing so nice clean and they have Mt. Dew so I am in HEAVEN haven't had it in over a month!! I am ready to be home or at least back to the US where they speak the same language as me and there are no more stares or pictures!! I love China but can only take so much of hearing Mei Guo (American) every five seconds that and the Chinese attempting to act like they are not taking a picture rediclous I nkow you are taking it just ask and I will smile! I met some amazing people this trip and they know who they are I a so thankful for their new friendships and I will miss them along with the babies!! If you ever get the chance to fly Korean air anywhere take it they are simply amazing I have no complaints about them other then my flight from Xian to China the safety DVD is not in English but that wasnt a big deal I knew what they were talking about! I will update more about my trip when I get to Karens and post the pictures everyone wants. I am so ready to be home there is a little Asian Princess in North Carolina that I am missing!! For all my SF mommies I will email you all the pictures and videos I have of your babies when I am home and a little settled to go through them and name all of them. Everyone of your children are simply amazing!! Nava and Olivia's mom's watch out you are getting some little girls with attitudes!! Jack is a sweetie but knows how to get what he wants. Jane is too cute for words and also like Jack can get what she wants she is starting to walk and can do it well! Karl has trouble written all over him but at 7 am waking me up he is not so cute other then that he is adorable! Malin loves to be carried pack the ergo. Sally is a chubby monkey but so cute! I will post more when I am home my computer is dying and I cant charge it in Korea! I will add a video link later!!

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