Friday, July 1, 2011

Day one travel and babies

Today has been a long day all of my flights were great! I slept quite a bit but air plane sleeping is far from restful! Olivia met me at the Xian airport but getting through immigration was a hassle the woman could not scan the right visa so I watched my bags go around twice. The ride here was nice I have missed China driving not crossing 3 lanes of traffic on the interstate no stoplight is not fun and quite scary. We drove through the small village that is right by Starfish and is neat to see. The babies are all adorable and they are the ones who are responsible for keeping me up this long! It is so nice to see some familar faces from last year and to meet some new little ones! There are 11 babies in the quarentine room and all are in need of some prayers for health! Well now what all of you have been waiting for the pictures of babies! I dont know all the names so only the ones I know I will name! Goodnight!

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