Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 2 walmart, babies, and downtown

Today me and Tracey started out with a nice conservation at breakfast about where we have traveled and other things. Then me, Chole, Tracey, Wei Jao verntured to walmart for some items we needed for dinner and during the days we were here the bus is an adventure in itself it runs by the foster home about every 30 mins and is always slammed packed. Walmart is easy to get around in nothing to hard to do but very different then walmarts at home. Cannot get over how chicken just lays out. After Walmart we came in cooled off and then went to play with the babies. Mary Ann is adorable and would come home with me in a heartbeat she is always so happy!! I also walked out of my room today and Aaron came running at me and hugged my legs tightly. He is so sweet!! Tonight we had the lovely Mcdonalds for dinner and it was great!! After Mcdonalds we ventured around town and then asked 26 cab drivers for rides back to Starfish and all refused to take us back. Wei Jao speaks very good Chinese but was having problems explaining where exactly Starfish was so a really nice local helped us out and basically told the last driver to take us here or else so he agreed and we got back eventually then banged until Marie let us in the building! I am now exhausted and off to bed in a few after Legally Blonde!


  1. Ah! It sounds like you are have so much fun!
    Love the pictures :)

  2. Love all the pics Taylor - especially the one's of Jack! Lia loves seeing pictures of him too. Please say Hi to Lia's nanny from us! :)


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