Sunday, December 9, 2012

Birthday recap and Secret Santa

My 20th birthday was AMAZING!! I could not have asked for a better day. The girls surprised me by taking me to a local restaurant for wing night. So being a lady while eating was quickly ruled out. But they were delicious!! Of course no night would have been complete if my darling friends didn't inform the waiter that it was my birthday. I HATE BEING SANG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO IN PUBLIC. It was probably the most embarrassing thing ever! I had to stand in the booth while they announced to the whole place that I was turning a year older and then everyone in that place sang to me. I think I was red for quite some time after. Pay back will be fun!! Other than that though most of my day was spent in class. Monday's are my busiest days so it was great that my b-day fell on a Monday this year. Oh well I know for next year to give myself a lighter load on Tuesday which normally happens anyway!

I don't feel any different than 19. 20 just sounds so old in my opinion that and I am no longer a teenager which is kind of sad but I am excited for the upcoming year and to see what all is in store.


This was the first year that as a group of friends we opted for Secret Santa instead of buying everyone a present. It worked out great to say the least other than according to everyone else I ruined the fun because I figured out who everyone had. I'm sorry I couldn't take the suspense and I was right with who had me so it was great. They did make me guess last but I was okay with that since I knew who everyone had. My secret Santa got me an awesome travel journal, chocolates, and hair accessories. The travel journal will come in hand this summer for sure!

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