Sunday, December 9, 2012

China Summer 2013

I am headed back to China this coming summer!! A few of my close friends have known this for a while but this is the officially announcement. I will be going back to Starfish Foster Home and will be loving on some adorable little ones. I am beyond thrilled to have another chance at going back to the country I love so dearly. However as many of you know this will be my 5th trip in 5 years and as a college student funds for traveling are hard to come by. For the first time I will be fundraising to help pay for some of my trip. I have added a chip in button over on my side bar for those that would like to help me get to China.

This summer I will also be getting college credit for my trip. I am excited about this as I will be getting the credit through the honors college at ASU. But, that also means that I will be having to pay summer school tuition on top of my airfare and other in country expenses.

I will be loving on little ones and helping the director at Starfish with their preschool program along with whatever else she may need. All the money donated would go to help me get to China and to pay for summer school tuition. Anything that I raise above that I will be donating to Starfish so that they can continue to care for medically fragile children. Many of you know how close these babies are to my heart. Some of them I have watch grow from almost the time they were born until after they were adopted. I love these little ones dearly and I am praying that I get another chance to go and love on them. I could not imagine a better way to spend my summer than loving on the fatherless.

I am praying daily for the funds to come so that I can continue to go to China. This trip will be the longest one I have ever done which I am thoroughly excited about. I hope you will consider supporting me on my journey to China. I will be doing a private blog while in China which I will share at a later date with all my friends and supporters. If you would like to read about my previous trips you can go Here and Here for the last trip I took to Starfish and you can go Here for my very first trip to Starfish. Thank you all in advance!!

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