Monday, December 17, 2012

Somewhere in China.....

Somewhere in China today a birth mother is probably recalling the little girl she gave birth to at 3 pm China time 5 years ago today. She is probably recalling the few moments she laid eyes on her precious girl, held her, and then the hardest decision she ever made. She probably watched and helped her family members bundle her baby and then walk out the door with her. We have no idea what Lily's first moments of life were like but we can say that her birth parents cared deeply for her. They made sure she was warm and protected from the cold. They laid her in a place where she would be found quickly and pinned a small note to her with her day of birth and the time. Odds are someone watched from a far to make sure she was found and then silently walked away hoping for the best for their daughter, granddaughter, sibling, or niece.

What her birth mother and family do not know is how loved their baby girl is, how she is tucked in her bed warm and safe. They don't know how much she loves princesses or ballet. They have no idea how smart she is nor how beautiful she is. They don't know she is a lefty and loves school. They have no idea how cherished their baby is now nor do they probably know what happened to her. They didn't get to see her first steps or words and haven't been the ones who kissed away her boo boos but we cannot say they didn't love her. They have no idea how their hardest decision to give their baby up has been the biggest blessing to our family.

Today I pray that Lily's birth family has a sense of peace knowing that their little girl is loved to the moon and back again a billion times. Lily will always have two families; her China family who we do not know and  our family the family God intended for her to be with. She has the family that gave her life and the family that is helping her live it. We are forever grateful for her birth family's decision to give their baby life because we cannot imagine our lives without her.


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