Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Friends Date

You know how you have those few friends that what ever you do you cannot get rid of them nor do you want to.... Well I have two of those and I love them dearly!! I could not imagine my life without them. They have made me who I am today and have stuck with me through thick and thin and I couldn't be more thankful for their friendship.

Since going off to school I don't get to see them as much which I hate but we enjoy our time together so much. There is never a dull moment. We can find something to do anywhere we are and have a blast. We never leave without a good laugh and aching stomachs.

Last Friday we all had some free time so we headed out for some fun only we can have. A traditional dinner at our local Mexican restaurant then reminiscing at Dairy Queen where Collin and I use to work (we don't miss that place). The last stop was Walmart Sarah had to grab a few things while we were in town so we decide to go just mess around.

I love the time I get to spend with the two of them and hate that it is not more. I miss being able to just call them up and head out for a couple hours or movies at one of our houses. But I am so glad we have remained close since going separate ways and I can only hope that never changes. Haha it better not cause they know too much and would have to go!!

Mexican food!!

Sarah and I

It doesn't fall out!! DQ chocolate extreme our favorite!

Sarah being a goof ball

Random bike

Haha fun times! We really love to mess around. Sarah's was the best!!

Collin Creeping!

Creeping at its creepiest 

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