Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Raising for Vonnie

As many of my followers know I along with my friend Ashton and our SWW team are the Angel Tree Warrior for precious Vonnie who is listed on Reece's Rainbow. Our goal between now and New Years Eve December 31st is to raise $1000 dollars for her grant fund which would help a lucky family bring her home. In order to do so we will be holding a drawing that will have 3 prizes. In order to be entered into this drawing you would need to donate 10 dollars for one chance to win, $20 for two chances or 40 dollars for 5 chances to her grant fund. You can also get another entry into this drawing for sharing about sweet Vonnie on your blog or facebook with a link back to this blog post or the blog post on SWW. Note: Please send us the link to the post so we can check and make sure everyone is playing by the rules. If you post on facebook make sure the post is public so we can view it.
The prizes include:
1st prize: A complete blog maker over all inclusive with header, background, side pictures, button, and tabs valued at over 100 dollars
2nd Place: A blog maker over with a new background and header Valued at approx. 45 dollars
3rd prize: An original facebook cover page photo of your liking with up to 4 pictures and 120 characters. Valued at 15 dollars

Disclaimer: All prizes have been donated so no money would go to help pay for the prizes.
If you donate to Vonnie's grant fund please email us at Stillwewait@aol.com We would need your name and the number of chances you donated for. We will check with Reece's Rainbow and Vonnie's grant fund to make sure everyone is playing by the rules. The winners will be announced  January 1st by 1pm in the afternoon. The raffle will end at 11:55 pm on December 31st. We will contact the winners via email and post them on the blogs as well. We thank you in advance for helping us raise money for Vonnie. To donate to her grant fund please go HERE and click on the donate button below her picture on her RR page. After you donate email us and we will enter your name for the drawing.
All of the money donated would go to help a lucky family bring home this cutie right here.
Vonnie was born with Down Syndrome and a few heart defects which may have corrected themselves or she may need surgery on them upon returning home. Vonnie will be turning four sometime this month and is waiting in an Asian country for her forever family!

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