Saturday, November 17, 2012

Today I am Thankful for Day 17

Today I am thankful for Amanda de Lange and  the life she lived. Amanda was a dear friend of mine who saved the lives of 100+ children. She ran a small foster home in Xi'an China Starfish Foster home where she cared for special needs children who were sick and vulnerable babies until they were adopted or welcomed into Heaven's arms. Amanda passed away from her fight with cancer this past July but her legacy lives on. I am so thankful and blessed to have known such a wonderful woman. She truly lived out my biggest dream and I loved the two summers I got to volunteer with her. Because of Amanda I met and cared for so many children that I feel head over heals in love with. Had Amanda not followed her calling there would be 100+ less little world changers in the world today. Amanda saved their life and I know that because of her and the marks she left on their little hearts everyone of them will be massive world changers.

What love can do. Ava arrived not too long before I did my second summer and was severely malnourished and close to death but Amanda saved her by bringing her to Starfish and provided her not only with the food and care she needed but also love to repair her broken and damaged spirit.

Taylor (I didn't name her) is another little one who arrived while I was at Starfish in 2011. Amanda helped nurture her back to health. Thankfully though Taylor came straight from the hospital to Starfish and never had to spend time in the orphanage.
Justin was a very tiny little boy in 2011 when I got to Starfish much smaller than that first picture of him. He weighed about 5 pounds and was literally skin and bones. Under the care of Amanda and the Starfish staff he was nursed back to health and has now had his surgery for his cleft lip and will hopefully soon has his paperwork ready and be adopted by his forever family.

Life, Laughter, Love

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