Thursday, November 15, 2012

What I am Thankful for Day 13, 14 ,and 15

I am cramming in a couple of things I am thankful for into one post as I am behind on the posts and these are all rather small things and can be grouped together...

Today I am thankful for Chocolate.... I am a chocoholic and those that know me know this I love anything chocolate well almost anything do not give me 60% or more dark chocolate because that stuff is nasty. I am much more of a milk chocolate fan or a dove dark chocolate fan.

Caffeine: Those that know me know that without my caffeine I cannot function and I tend to be a very grumpy person with out it. It is normally the first thing that I drink in the morning just so I can get out of bed. I hate coffee though so please do not give me coffee. I am the world's biggest mountain dew and dr. pepper drinker and would probably die if the Pepsi company ever went out of business. Caffeine is what keeps me sane and awake so that I can get hings done.

Naps/sleep: I love naps and sleep at that. I could probably sleep all day if my friends and roommates would let me. I love sleep so much and I am a very grouchy person without it ask my mother who had to always make sure I was awake for school and during those early years woke me up. Also you could ask my roommate who occasionally gets to see the morning and tired grouch in me.

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