Monday, November 12, 2012

Today I am Thankful for Day 10

Today I am thankful to be an American and thankful for the freedoms that I have as an American. I am thankful to live in the country where I am allowed my voice and allowed to think differently from everyone else. As we all know I am a very opinionated individual and it is probably a good thing that I am an American and can freely express my views without the fear the the government is going to come after me.

I am thankful for the freedoms that I have being an American. Freedom of speech, religion. press, etc..... My siblings are from a country where you speak out and you are gone and I am so thankful that I can say what I want to say and express my differing views and publicly disagree with the government we have. I am also thankful I am allowed to believe the way I believe and not have to follow a mandated religion and that if I want to read something I can freely read it and don't have to hide what I am reading or fear that if caught I will be killed.

I am thankful to have been born in a wonderful free country.

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