Sunday, November 18, 2012

What I am Thankful for Day 18

Today I am thankful for those individuals who do so much to help those children left behind in orphanages around the world. 

China Organizations: *Most of these organizations I have personally dealt with and can answer questions regarding their work in China.

Agape Family Life House
An Orphan’s Wish
Butterfly Children’s Hospices
Dianjiang Kids
Doves Wings
Eagles’ Wings Foster Home 
Half The Sky
Love Without Boundaries Blog
Morning Star Family Home 
New Day Foster Home Blog
New Hope Foundation 
Swallows Nest Foster Home 

I am also thankful for those that help children who are in orphanages outside of China and in institutions worldwide. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with many organizations outside that help children outside of China but here are the few that I do know of

Loads Of Love

Big Family Mission 


Hope and Home Journey with a Purpose

*Please note that I have not volunteered with or worked with organizations outside of China and therefore cannot vouch for their work or give any advice on working with them.

*There are so many more organizations world wide that work with orphaned and improvised children if a specific country calls to you odds are there is an organization you can volunteer with. 

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