Monday, November 5, 2012

What I am Thankful for Day 3

Well what would a girl be without her AMAZING roommates! My roommates are absolutely wonderful and I love them dearly. I could not have asked to room with a better group of girls. These 3 keep me in line and thank goodness because someone needs to. We all get along great. I love the late night talks we have about anything and everything and all the good giggles we have. We laugh all the time and I love it, some nights I go to bed with my stomach and abs aching. We are a crazy bunch sometimes. These girls have quickly become some of the best friends I could ever have. They are each some of the most beautiful and wonderful people

Courtney: Oh how I love her, she gets the pleasure of living in the same room with me. I love rooming with her. She probably has the toughest job since she has to live with me :). We are so alike in some areas it is not even funny. I love living with her and we get along wonderfully. My hair always looks great too since she is awesome at doing it. All the pictures of my hair curly or up in some fancy way I owe it all to her! Court is the craftiest out of all of us and can make just about anything. I owe it to her for all my cute little nick knacks. Thanks for putting up with me Court and not kicking me out!! 

Megan: Megan is the sweetest out of all of us. I do not know of anyone who could ever say anything bad about this girl if they could I would hurt them though. Megan is probably the sweetest person I have ever met in my entire life. She will go out of her way to make anything better for anyone and that is what I love about her. However, she does have her feisty side and knows how to keep us all laughing. 

Yesenia: This one right here could keep me laughing for days. She can put a smile on your face no matter how down you are. She also has an awesome talent for finding the funniest videos online. Yesenia is always on the go and nothing slows her down. She is the one along with Megan who keeps me in on the know and a lot of the reason why I can do school and maintain a social life. She is the social butterfly out of all of us along with Megan. I have met so many people because of her.

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