Thursday, November 29, 2012

What I am Thankful for Day 29

Today I am thankful for birthdays. I have the worlds best group of friends and I cannot wait to start our week+ of birthday celebrations today!! I am thankful that we are all turning another year older and wiser! Growing older is something that is denied to many and I am thankful that I am able to celebrate another birthday with my girlfriends and family! ALSO A BIG HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY TO MY ROOMMATE COURTNEY!! I love you friend and will rub it in your face for the next few days about how old you are! Then I will stop cause I will be old on Monday!

So in Honor of Courtney's Birthday Today here are 20+ reasons why I love her!!

20+ reasons why I love you!!!
1. You are the best friend and greatest I could possibly ask for!
2. You give great advice
3. You listen when I need to vent
4. You are the fashionista of our suite and have great style
5. You hate pants as much as I do
6. You love comfy clothes 
7. You are able to handle my feistiness 
8. You can dish back what I put out
9. You wash my dishes and put them away (thanks mom)
10. You listen to all my pointless talks/rants
11. You’re crafty 
12. You love sweets just like me
13. You don’t judge when I bum
14. You correct my grammar
15. You dislike Mondays like me!
16. I love how loud you are when you eat cereal! I will never be late for class or over sleep!
17. You tell me when I’m being unreasonable
18. You won’t let me leave the room looking like a mess
19. You’re honest when I ask your opinion
20. You helped me name my car Feisty!
21. We’re so much alike it’s really not funny
22. You can finish my sentences which scares me sometimes.
23. You know what I am thinking just by the look on my face
24. You put up with my occasional manliness 
25. Yes I said 20 but I couldn’t stop. Most of all you put up and live with me and are the coolest, most stylish, and sassiest person I know and I am blessed to call you friend!!

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